You may arrange a nutrition consultation with Registered Dietitian and author Vesanto Melina:
 *In person in her office on the west coast
 *From your location anywhere in North America or Europe (or beyond) by a combination of phone, email, and/or Zoom or Skype.
 This includes 1 hr. of contact plus 1.5 hr. of nutritional analysis preparation.
 Vesanto has been a consultant to several of the best known stars in the entertainment business.
2-1/2 hour consultation in person includes:

  • computerized, accurate, and detailed nutritional analysis of your eating pattern
  • simple ideas for improving your diet to meet your goals, in ways that are appealing to you and suit your lifestyle
  • answers to your questions
  • reliable and up-to-date nutrition information
  • guidance on meeting recommended intakes for all nutrients
  • ideas for healthy, delicious, easy meals
  • recipes and menus simple, practical solutions to challenges fast & easy cooking tips (office sessions can include hands-on instruction)

Distance consultations involve a one hour phone call plus 1-1/2 hours of Vesanto’s preparation and follow-up.
Please E-mail:  vesanto.melina at for more details or arrange a consultation time, or phone (778) 379-5377
The cost of a consultation is $295. Please note that many extended medical programs will reimburse for consultations with dietitians.

paypal-form  After arranging our date and time for a distance consultation, you may email
  vesanto.melina at to be sent via the secure link by Paypal, E-transfer,
or a 
mailed check (Email for the address).

  • vegetarian, vegan, raw, and near-vegetarian nutrition
  • women's health issues
  • nutrition for the prime of life
  • heart health
  • nutrition for reduced risk of diabetes, cancer, bowel disorders
  • vegetarian nutrition in pregnancy
  • vegetarian nutrition for infants, children and teens
  • non-dairy sources of calcium
  • nutrition and addictions
  • food allergies
  • food sensitivities (dairy, gluten, soy, fish, nuts, peanuts, multiple sensitivities)
  • Families with mixed eating habits (Vegan/Veggie/Meat eaters)

To inquire about a consultation please fill out the form below


Client Comments - home/office consults

Alex H. Vancouver BC
Great talking with you today. Thanks for all your advice, encouragement, tips, and recipes!
Candace L, Vancouver BC
Thanks so much Vesanto, for today. It was a pleasure to meet you. Dylan said it was like visiting a celebrity dietitian because you are the world expert 🙂 Looking forward to trying your recipes! Best wishes,
Terry S., Vancouver BC
I am remembering with gratitude all the things I have learned from your personal consultations and your nutritional classes. I went for years being unsure what to eat and how to cook for myself. With your help this problem has been resolved.
Mary Anne, Surrey BC
Thank you so very much for our nutrition counselling session. It was so enlightening and I was able to make changes with my very next meal. I look forward to using your books and fine tuning my food choices. Your thoughtfulness, kindness and knowledge are appreciated.

Client Comments - Online/Phone/Zoom/Skype Consults

Leanne H, Lake Oswego, OR
Many thanks to you! I feel like I opened a treasure chest! You set my mind to rest and gave me much to think about. I just finished printing off everything and am starting to organize it. This will make good airport reading, and of course, I will be digesting all this stuff while at Mom and Dad's house. You do good work!
Isaac E, Shanghai, China
Thank you for this morning’s session and this follow up. I’m feeling pretty good about moving forward. Maybe after some months I can follow up with you on my progress. Until then….. All the best,
Mieko B, UK
Thank you very much. I really appreciate your warmth and advice/input. You are very knowledgeable and love your job and it is wonderful to see.
Nancy A, New York City
Thank you for all the helpful information and your amazing input, Vesanto. Thank you for your in-depth analysis and for helping me pull all the myriad pieces together that I'm juggling regarding my diet. Your depth of knowledge and experience are stunning!
Sasha and Nathan, Saskatoon
Good Morning Vesanto, Severin loves his new book. We are so very honoured to have him represent the book (even if he is unable to read yet)!! We would be absolutely thrilled if Severin could appear on your website. Wonderful !!
Mélanie R, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec
It was a pleasure having the session with you. I'm taking my B12 so does my daughter. Thank you for the reference from your book and the others.
Lindi L. Toronto ON
Thanks Vesanto. Hudson is thriving in every way - thanks to your guidance!
Rita G, North Carolina
I just wanted to write to say thank you very much for the help you provided me personally and all of the authoring and education that you give to people on a regular basis. You are a gift to the world! All the Best -
Jenna B, Washington State
Hi Vesanto Thanks so much for inspiring me to live a healthy vegan lifestyle. I felt great after my visit. I shared all my info with my dad 🙂
Jess D, Toronto ON
Hi Vesanto; Thanks so much for your time earlier! I appreciated hearing from you. All the best!
Virginia W, Mississauga, ON
Thank you very for such an informative nutrition session. I feel that I've had so many questions answered and you have provided me with a number of suggestions to improve my health which I was hoping to learn. Will continue to read and learn from the books you have published. Thanks again. Just want to thank you for the nutritional guidance you have provided me with.
Felicia J. Ontario
(For underweight client) Patrick has put on about 3 pounds since we started providing him with more carbs. He loves it. He is beaming!
Lindsey P. San Francisco
Thanks a million for the follow-up. Much appreciate the session and recipes. Onwards to a more vegan lifestyle (with adequate protein).

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